Do not waste your time use ModlinBus

Do not waste your time use ModlinBus


In ModlinBus we always take care of the comfort of your travel. The company offers a convenient transfer between your points of journey. We would like to save you the trouble of changing.

Convenient connections
The ModlinBus travel lines have been planned in such a way so as to combine its key elements without the need for changing a means of transport. Every such change causes unnecessary stress, therefore regardless of where you are planning to start your journey, we will make sure that you travel by one bus only.

Airport transfer
We make every effort to ensure that your transfer to Warsaw Modlin Airport or Warsaw Chopin Airport . If you are planning to get to one of the Warsaw airports from Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Włocławek, Płock or Łódź, we will take you there directly to the terminal. If you travel by train, you will need to change. You can avoid that with ModlinBus.

Time saving
No changes means a shorter travel time. People planning a flight from Modlin or Warsaw Chopin Airport value a hassle free transfer to the airport, therefore we always do our best to meet their needs. We have arranged our time schedule in such a way so as to adapt it to the flight hours in Modlin. Thanks to that your waiting time for the bus from Modlin to Warsaw has been reduced to the minimum.

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