Ladies and Gentlemen,


due to numerous reports, about companies which pretend to be ModlinBus line, please note that our employees have never sold and will never sell bus tickets in places other than our buses, or the Internet. Please also note that our vehicles are only buses which can be seen in the gallery on our website.

Thereby bearing in mind your safety, please consider your airport transfer carrier wisely, which will quickly and safely get you to your planned flight. In the interest of your safety we strongly advise you to avoid taxi services that claim they will get you either to/from Warsaw Modlin Airport faster or cheaper as there have been reports of these service providers not driving technically safe vehicles, charging customers much more upon arrival then originally quoted and even dropping off passengers in the middle of the road in unsafe conditions many kilometers away from their destination. Another very popular gimmick is by informing passengers that are waiting at the bus stop that a particular transfer with ModlinBus has been cancelled due to mechanical problems with the bus and that a taxi service has been provided as a replacement.

ModlinBus is the airports only direct and accredited transfer partner guaranteeing your safety and arrival to your destination of either Warsaw Central, Warsaw Modlin Airport or Metro Młociny.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with our new price list and to purchase tickets online which will guarantee you a seat for your chosen travel time.

Best Regards
ModlinBus Team