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Can I pay with a debit/credit card on the bus?
Yes, you can purchase tickets with your debit or credit card on every bus.

Do you accept card payments?
Yes, we accept credit and debit cards issued by Polish and foreign financial institutions.

What currencies do you accept?
We accept euros, British pounds, US & Canadian dollars, Norwegian and Swedish crowns (only in notes).
You will receive change in Polish złoty.

Are reservations always required?
No, seat reservations are not mandatory. However, we recommend online booking due to the limited number of seats on busses. This is a guarantee of available seats, especially recommended for morning rides (around 07:00 AM) and afternoon rides (around 3:00 PM) that attract many passengers.

Can I book seats on the bus by phone?
Phone reservations are not possible. You can always buy tickets and book seats on our busses in advance, using our online reservation system.

Can I buy tickets from the bus driver?
Yes, tickets are sold by our personnel on board of all busses, before departure.

How long is the bus ride to the Modlin airport?
The estimated minimum travel time to the Modlin airport is 60 minutes and depends on traffic conditions.

If my flight is delayed, is my bus ticket valid on a later bus ride?
Yes, you can take a different bus if your flight is delayed. Please remember that passengers who have tickets for that particular departure time have priority while boarding.

Can I take an earlier bus (e.g. departing at 11:00), if I have a ticket for a subsequent ride (e.g. 12:00)?
Yes, only if there are available seats on the earlier bus ride. We remind you that that passengers who have tickets for that particular departure time (e.g. 11:00) have priority while boarding.

Are there additional fees for luggage?
No, every passenger with a valid ticket is entitled to board with 30 kgs of hold luggage and 5 kgs of carry-on luggage.

Is the timetable on up to date?
Yes. The bus timetable on our web site is always up to date. You can always check our online timetable, because it is aligned with flight departures and arrivals at the Modlin airport.

 Are ModlinBus busses reliable?
Yes. We operate new, comfortable, air-conditioned Scania Tourning busses.

Do busses wait for late passengers?
It is possible, depending on the situation. In case of a delayed flight, the bus departure will be delayed to take large groups of passengers. If only an individual passenger is late, the bus will depart according to the timetable.

Can passengers hop on and off anywhere along the route of the bus?
It is not possible. Our busses are allowed to stop only at three designated locations: Warsaw Central parking (Uniwersum), Młociny Metro station, and the Modlin airport.

Do ModlinBus busses go to other cities or districts of Warsaw?
No, but our bus stop in central Warsaw is conveniently located for passengers who are transferring to other locations in Warsaw and outside the city.

Will the bus wait for me if I’m on the last flight and there is a delay?
Yes. Even if the last flight of the day is significantly delayed (a couple hours), the bus will wait for the last passengers.

Is ModlinBus only for Wizzair passengers?
No, our busses welcome all passengers, regardless of the airline. Wizzair passengers can buy tickets for the bus transfer together with their airline ticket and have a priority during boarding.

Are Wizzair passengers entitled to free Modlinbus rides?
No. Wizzair passengers can buy ticket during booking flight ticket or via internet site. Also can be purchased at our stand on the airport or in the bus.

Is there a separate timetable for Sundays and public holidays?
No, the timetable is the same for all days of the week, including public holidays.

How long before my flight should I buy Modlibus online tickets?
Online tickets have to be purchased at least three days before the departure date.

Do I have to print my online ticket?
There is no need to print your online ticket if you can display it on your mobile phone screen.

Why haven’t I received an email with my online ticket yet?
The reason may be the fact that it takes at least 72 hours for the Pay U system to confirm the ticket purchase transaction.

Does my Wizzair ticket entitle me to a discount on the ModlinBus fare?
No, but you can buy the bus ticket in a 2 in 1 package with a Wizzair flight ticket to get an inclusive discount.


Are food and drinks allowed on board of busses?
We kindly ask passengers not to consume food or beverages on board of our busses. This is to due to the fact that the consumption of food and beverages can be potentially dangerous during bus rides and may disturb other passengers.

Does ModlinBus staff speak English?
Yes, our employees on all busses speak fluent English. Some of our staff also speak French, Spanish, Russian, and German.

Do you offer discounts for students/pensioners/children/airport staff?
We currently offer the following discounts:

·For children under 2 years of age – no fare

·For children between 2 and 12 years of age – reduced fare (23 PLN)


Czy są w sprzedaży bilety miesięczne?

Nie sprzedajemy biletów miesięcznych.


Can I buy a monthly ticket?
No, monthly tickets are not available.

Czy są w sprzedaży bilety powrotne?

Bilety powrotne można zakupić w kasie na lotnisku Warszawa-Modlin. Przypominamy, że są to bilety na okaziciela i nie mogą zostać odtworzone w przypadku zagubienia.


Are return tickets on sale?
Yes, return tickets can be purchased at our airport office. We kindly remind you that we do not issue duplicate tickets in case of losing return tickets.


Can I buy tickets somewhere in Warsaw?
Excluding our web site, ModlinBus tickets are only sold on busses (at bus stops) and our office at the Modlin airport.